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Prophecy 1947 + 70 = 2017 Fulfilled | Donald Trump Declares Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

What a historic day for Israel ! Jerusalem is declared as the capital of Israel after more than 2000 years by the leader of the free world, President Donald J Trump.

2017-12-08 30:57 102,436 YouTube

Surah Araf, AMAZING FULL HD VIEWS, SLOW RECITATION, 1 of World's Best Quran Video in 50+ Langs.

WHY OUR QURAN VIDEOS ARE 1 OF THE BEST (BELOW)? For the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD, quran videos are published in more than 50 LANGUAGES' ...

2017-08-30 03:16 8,323 YouTube

Ambassadors, Attorneys, Accountants, Democratic and Republican Party Officials (1950s Interviews)

Interviewees: Sir Percy C. Spender, ambassador from Australia to the United States Stephen A. Mitchell, American attorney and Democratic Party official.

2012-10-08 40:09 41,620 YouTube